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Cost down & tech up
motion plastics for
solar technology

UV-resistant, lubrication-free and maintenance-free plain and spherical bearings

Solar plants operate under extreme environmental conditions. igus® offers plain and spherical plain bearings as well as energy chains that precisely meet these requirements. They impress with their long service life, durability and low costs. Application scenarios for plain bearings are for instance solar tower power plants, parabolic trough power plants or the axis of rotation for panel adjustments. Dirt-repellent and lubrication-free spherical bearings are very suitable for solar plants. Energy chains with a defined torsional stop and minimum bend radius can however be found in photovoltaic systems.

New from April 2020

igubal ESQM pillow block bearings

Maintenance-free pillow block bearings for square tubes

Now also available for edge length 100x100

▲ Tech up

Absorption of high static (wind) loads (up to 50kN)

Angular compensation with spherical bearing (up to 9°)

Guaranteed service life of 25 years (72 years almost wear-free, simulated in the igus® laboratory at 1.5 tonnes)

▼ Cost down

Lubrication-free, therefore no maintenance required

Simple and quick assembly

More information about igubal ESTM pillow block bearings

Here, motion plastics are already being used successfully

Photovoltaic tracking system

Plain bearings defy dirt and temperature

Dirt-repellent and temperature-resistant plain bearings are used in the photovoltaic tracking system of Conergy AG.

Solar plant

Cost-effective special solution

Customer-specific special parts are used for the rotary movement of the solar panels, which are cost-effective and maintenance-free.

The benefits of motion plastics® at a glance

UV-resistant, lubrication and maintenance-free

Quiet operation without any torque fluctuations

Extremely low coefficient of friction due to tribo-optimised polymers

For confined installation spaces and where there is very little room for movement

Insensitive to dirt and dust

Long service life

Low cost

More than 17 years experience in the solar sector

igus plain and spherical bearings for solar technology

Products especially suitable for the solar industry

iglidur® bearings

iglidur® G plain bearings in use in solar panels

Extremely long service life

Lightweight and maintenance-free

Quiet, vibration-free operation

igubal® spherical bearings

igubal® spherical bearings in solar plants

Insensitive to impacts and vibrations

Resistant to dirt

High vibration-dampening

igubal® pillow block bearings in the solar plant

igubal® pillow block bearings in solar plants

Split version of housing and spherical balls

Easy assembly and disassembly

For long service life under high loads

Lead screw technology in solar plants

drylin® lead screw technology in solar plants

Dry operation

Resistant to dirt

Different designs

triflex® in solar plants

triflex® R energy supply in photovoltaic systems

Defined torsion stop dog and minimum bend radius

Easy to extend or shorten

Matching torsion-resistant chainflex® cables

Custom-made special solution in solar plant

Customised: Sliding shells made of iglidur® J

Excellent properties for use with galvanised and nitrified shafts

Vibration dampening

Tested for wear

Wear test for igubal® pillow block bearings

Hardly any wear on the shaft surface. Rust protection through optimal spherical ball material.

Wear test for igubal® pillow block bearings

Wear-resistant igubal® pillow block bearings in a continuous pivot test with a load of 1.5 tonnes.

Free sample box for solar technology

Try out now: our new maintenance-free polymer spherical bearings for solar technology.

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