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Products for mobile homes and caravans

Mobile homes and caravans need equipment with all kinds of adjustment options to accommodate a lot of functionality in little space. Whether linear, swivelling or rotating, with our bearing technology we have the right solution for interiors and exteriors. Our plain bearings and linear modules made of high-performance polymers impress with quiet, smooth running, low weight and no need for lubrication.

What you will find on this page:

Plain bearings

Whether in articulated arms of awnings, the tilt adjustment of satellite dishes, side mirrors or hinges of doors, windows, skylights and seats: our plastic bearings demonstrate their advantages over conventional metal bearings in all of these applications. They are lightweight, 100% lubrication-free and don't rust. This makes them ideal for outdoor use on vehicles - moisture, dust and dirt are no problem.
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Plain bearing in awning and satellite dish
Plain bearing in roof hatch and side mirror
Plain bearing in step and headrest

Five reasons why you should use iglidur plain bearings in motor vehicles

With our plain bearings, costs can be reduced by up to 40%. Weight is reduced by up to 80% and, as a consequence, CO2 emissions are lowered. The bearings also run very quietly, recalibrate themselves during e-coating and can be installed quickly and easily in sheet metal thanks to flexible installation concepts.

linear guides

For linear adjustment of TV screens and tables, in kitchenette and bed pull-outs, sliding doors or bicycle racks, our product range includes a wide range of linear guides. They are the clean, sliding alternative to recirculating ball bearings, 100% free from lubrication and maintenance. Due to their quiet operation and resistance to corrosion and dirt, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, in professional facilities as well as for DIY camper van conversions.
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drylin in table and bicycle stand
drylin in the shower screen and TV adjustment
drylin in the drawer and bed pull-out

Successfully in use

Lubrication-free linear systems for alcoves and kitchen blocks in caravans

Very compact when driving, quite spacious on the camping site: in a nutshell, this is the central specification of the "Zoom" caravan prototype, which Ross Design GmbH has developed and built. Its sleeping alcove and kitchen block can be moved. To make sure that this movement functions reliably, the designers rely on our drylin SLW linear axes.

Linear system with lead screw for motorised TV lift

The request from FAWO, Europe's largest caravan interior fittings distributor, was a demanding one: the experts at CERES Entwicklungs & Produktions GmbH were to produce a maintenance-free, vibration-resistant, durable motorised TV lift. Many years of development expertise and high-quality construction elements brought about the desired result. A drylin linear system with matching dryspin lead screw plays a key role here.

lead screw technology

Our lubrication-free dryspin lead screw technology is used in extendable steps, seat adjustments and steering columns. The plastic nuts and lead screws guarantee efficiencies of up to 82% and a service life that is up to 30% longer than that of conventional lead screw drives. They are ideal for small installation spaces and operate almost silently even when the drive torque is low.
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dryspin in the step
dryspin in the longitudinal seat adjustment
dryspin in the steering column adjustment

Slewing rings

Our PRT slewing ring bearings ensure reliable rotational movement, e.g. in vehicle seats, the base of tables or satellite dish mounts. The design is not based on re-circulating components, but on maintenance-free sliding elements made of tribologically optimised iglidur materials in combination with rings made of aluminium or stainless steel. The bearings are robust, quiet and maintenance-free due to their dry operation and are insensitive to moisture and dirt.
Find out more about PRT slewing ring bearings
PRT in the seat
PRT in adjustable table
PRT in satellite dish

Energy chains

When vehicle components and equipment elements are moved electrically, energy chains ensure safe cable guidance. Our plastic e-chains are quiet and lightweight, easy to install and so compact that they fit into confined installation spaces. We have various versions in our product range, for both linear and rotary movements.
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e-chains in the sliding door
e-chain in the longitudinal seat adjustment

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