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Smart, modular extender crossbar design E4Q

Product presentation e-chain with extender crossbars E4Q

Extender crossbar modular system for large diameters

Modular extender crossbar concept with E4Q opening mechanism: adapt energy chain individually to hose diameter. Installed easily without tools and replaces hoses as needed. By using extender crossbars instead of crossbars, the interior space of the energy chain can be enormously enlarged, allowing large suction hoses to be safely guided if required. The filling space can be further subdivided by the product range of special cable-friendly interior separation elements, so that it is possible to assemble cables and hoses according to your requirements from the modular system.
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Tech up

Tech up

  • Guide large hoses efficiently
  • The modular extender crossbar means maximum flexibility and adaptation to hose dimensions
  • In addition to hoses, this design allows other cable types to be easily accommodated and fitted.
  • The standard crossbar allows many widths to be implemented.
Cost down

Cost down

  • Save assembly time: simple, fast and tool-free assembly
  • If a repair is required, the hose is quickly replaced by opening the crossbar on the extender crossbar
  • Instead of a larger energy chain, use a smaller, more cost-effective energy chain with an extender crossbar for more inner height for guiding hoses


  • For many years, igus has been solving demanding applications with extender crossbars from the E2 and E4 product range


  • Have your energy chain recycled at the end of its life cycle with the igus chainge recycling program. No matter what manufacturer.
    You will receive a voucher.
  • igus has been an investor in Mura Technology from the beginning and is helping advance chemical recycling. From plastic waste to crude oil in 20 minutes.

E4Q e-chain® with extender crossbars

Easy to open extender crossbars for guiding large hoses up to 175mm

Part number(1) Side adapter (2) Height adapter(3) Crossbar(4) Diameter d ≤ ø [mm] Inner width of e-chain Bi2 [mm] 
E4Q.58.250. / H4Q.58.250.C1132.B062*C1132.H060*C1132.100*100250
E4Q.58.300. / H4Q.58.300.C1132.B062*C1132.H110*C1132.150*150300
E4Q.82.262. / H4Q.82.262.C1132.B087*C1132.H110*C1132.162*175262
E4Q.82.337. / H4Q.82.337.C1132.B062*C1132.H060*C1132.112*175337
Part numberInner height of extender crossbar hi1 / hi2 [mm]Outer height extender crossbar ha1 / ha2 [mm]Clear width of extender crossbar Bi1 [mm]Inner width of e-chain Bi2 [mm]Outer width of e-chain Bi2 [mm] 
E4Q.58.250. / H4Q.58.250.58 / 11884 / 134125250284
E4Q.58.300. / H4Q.58.300.58 / 16884 / 194175300334
E4Q.82.262. / H4Q.82.262.82 / 142108 / 168137262313
E4Q.82.337. / H4Q.82.337.82 / 192108 / 218187337388
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