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Electroplating technology
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Chemical-resistant energy supply systems for electroplating

Very high demands are placed on the components installed in electroplating plants. In the electroplating process, strong chemicals are used in the electrochemical baths, which energy supply systems and the cables near them have to withstand. Wherever steel energy chains reach their limit, plastic energy chains show their advantages. Energy chains are chemical-resistant and corrosion-free, light, cost-effective and, thanks to their optimised sliding properties, long service life and maintenance-free operation.  The cables in the energy chain must also withstand this demanding environment. We will show you solutions developed especially for electroplating plants.

Energy chains & guide trough systems

The right material for each chemical. The energy chains and guide trough systems made from igumid EG+ material are resistant to chemicals and corrosion-free.  They are more cost-effective compared to systems made from conventional stainless steels such as 304 and 316 grades. Depending on the area of application, aluminium guide troughs may also be sufficient.
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Flexible cables

Flexible cables
For applications in electroplating technology, we recommend robust chainflex cables that are resistant to chemicals and abrasion. With a 4-year guarantee

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Ready-to-install energy supply systems

With our ready-to-connect readychain energy supply system, you can reduce the installation effort to a minimum, save installation time and reduce machine downtime.
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Predictive maintenance

Optionally, we recommend the use of predictive maintenance. This enables you to extend the maintenance intervals of your plant, save several thousand euros and reduce failure or downtime costs.
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55 years experience in the area of plastics for motion

We know what applications need and customers want. We know our products and their properties.
And we show you how you can profit from them to  improve the performance of your plant and reduce costs .

Tech up  
Tech up

Chemical resistance

... with the optimised igumid EG+ material

The material igumid EG+ is characterised by a high density and a very low total moisture absorption. This offers an increased resistance to aggressive chemicals such as those used in electroplating processes. igus guide troughs made from igumid EG+ and igus energy chains can be used in temperatures from -0°C up to +100°C. The material is free of halogen and silicone and is RoHS compliant.
Expensive stainless steels such as 304 or 316 grades, which are traditionally used as guide trough material for protection against chemical influences, are no longer necessary.

Improved assembly


... with new locking principle

The trough, which is easy to handle and to assemble, can be installed in a very short time. This results in less installation work for the maintenance engineers. During a test installation by igus, fitters were able to install a 30-metre long trough in less than 3 minutes, thanks to the simple assembly design.
The side plates are joined by hand and lock together without tools. The clamping mechanism especially designed for the system keeps it secure and robust. Thanks to the fast assembly, installation time and cost can be significantly reduced.

Light weight facilitates use and reduces costs


... with guidelite plus made from igumid EG+

The weight factor: 1 metre guidelite Plus EG weighs only 1.8 kg, 1 metre stainless steel trough 7.5 kg. The use of plastic makes heavy metal guide troughs obsolete. Metallic guide troughs are susceptible to corrosion and expensive, in terms of purchase, installation and maintenance.
Tribo-polymers made it possible to design a much lighter guide trough for the tough environment, which is characterised by its smooth running and corrosion resistance. The potential weight savings pay off immediately, in design, operation and purchase.

100% safety plus maintenance indicator

... with smart plastics 

These components give you plant reliability and planning security. If a component on the energy supply system is worn or damaged, the sensors detect this and give a signal or switch off the system as a precaution to prevent expensive subsequent damage. In addition, the sensors issue a predictive maintenance recommendation for individual components (e-chain or cable) so that you always know if and when maintenance is necessary. This saves time and money.
Cost down  
Cost down

Reduce  purchasing cost by up to 58%

... compared to stainless steel guide troughs

Guidance systems made of metal have known weaknesses: corrosion, complex assembly, high weight and cost.   The Guidelite-plus-EG guide trough material ensures high chemical resistance, making it ideal for use in electroplating and fertiliser production. Due to their lightweight and modular design, assembly is significantly simplified.

Provide motor with single cores

Reduce up to 35% purchasing costs

... with robust chainflex cables 

In various areas and applications, the use of single cores for motors has led to significant cost savings in procurement, as these can be purchased as a complete cable package including PE protective conductor. This, for example, is up to 35% more cost-effective than a solid 4-core CF35.UL motor cable.
In addition, an increase in the service life of cables could be gained, since individual cores can be used in a smaller installation space, which also benefits the mechanical design of the entire energy chain system.

95% less harnessing time

... with ready-to-install energy supplies

The energy supply systems installed in electroplating plants have to withstand the demanding environment. It is important to choose the right materials and ensure the materials of the individual components match to each other.
This is where pre-assembled readychain energy supply systems score points. They are specifically designed for the respective environmental conditions and are installed on site quickly and easily. In this way, the cost of assembly and installation time can be significantly reduced.

Energy chain systems have been proven in many hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide ►Discover more


Yes, plastic energy chains are recyclable

Energy chains sustainability

Have your energy chains processed in the
igus chainge Recycling Program, no matter which manufacturer they came from,
so that reusable granulate material can be obtained.

This is how it works ►

We will be happy to assist you

Learn more about the advantages of energy supply systems for electroplating. Together we will look for the solution that will help your application achieve Tech up and Cost down. If you have any questions, I would be happy to advise you.
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