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Modular robotics

As specific as your needs – modular igus assemblies

igus specialises in developing robotics components made of durable, wear-resistant plastics. The basic idea of modular robotics is that various modules and components can be combined to create customised automation solutions. This enables companies to react flexibly to different requirements without the necessity of expensive, time-consuming new developments. Using low-cost components that still deliver high quality enables companies to implement automation solutions at lower costs. This can be especially attractive for small and medium-sized companies that want to automate their production processes, but have limited resources. Overall, the igus combination of modular design and Low Cost Automation offers the capability of creating tailor-made automation solutions for various industries. This not only promotes efficiency and productivity, but also contributes to manufacturing process modernisation.


Min. 1 million Life cycles

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More than 1000 tests per year


Over 10 years of experience

Assemblies as single components

Gearbox assembly

Modular concepts allow different types of gearboxes – planetary gearboxes, strain wave gears, worm gears, etc. – to be flexibly integrated into automation systems. The modular properties of gearbox assemblies allow automation to be gradually expanded and adapted. Companies can add additional modules to improve their robotics systems' functionality without having to start from scratch. The modules offer precision, versatility, and adaptability in developing efficient automation systems that are low-cost while remaining high-performance.
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igus gearbox assembly

igus linear guide group

Linear guide assembly

Linear guide assemblies are modular, so different elements such as rails, slides, and carriages can be combined to achieve the desired motion sequences. New modules can be added or replaced to meet the needs of different applications. This contributes to flexibility and enables companies to adapt and expand their automation solutions as needed without starting from scratch. They offer precision, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to support companies as they develop and implement cost-effective, high-performance automation solutions.
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ReBeL strain wave gear

The ReBeL strain wave gear features an innovative design and versatility. It combines precision and robustness to ensure reliable motion guidance. New modules can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems to expand functionality or meet application requirements. This promotes agility and allows companies to react to changing production needs. It offers precision, robustness, and versatility to support companies as they develop cost-effective, reliable, high-performance automation solutions.
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igus ReBeL kinematic

Apiro iDeas

Apiro® modular gearbox system

The Apiro modular gearbox system is versatile. It consists of various components such as gearboxes, drives, bearings, and rails that can be combined to achieve the desired motion guidance. The transmission kit's modularity enables companies to adapt and expand their automation solutions as needed. New modules can be seamlessly integrated to add additional functions or respond to changing requirements. Its versatility, cost efficiency, and adaptability enables companies to develop innovative automation solutions that are both technically sophisticated and economically viable. Look for inspiration here.
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Apiro® starter kit

The Apiro starter kit is designed to give companies all the building blocks they need for entry into automation. It consists of various components such as gearboxes, rails, bearings, and drives that can be combined for a wide range of motion solutions. This modularity enables companies to gradually familiarize themselves with automation and adapt their systems as needed. A special advantage of the starter kit is its user-friendliness. It offers an integrated solution that allows companies to dive into the world of robotics without in-depth specialist knowledge.
Discover the Apiro® starter kit in the shop
Apiro starter kit

Maximum freedom with assembly interoperability

Combine individual assemblies as needed

Assembly interoperability means that individual modules (robot arms, drive systems, grippers, or sensors) are designed to interact harmoniously. Standardised interfaces and communication protocols allow these assemblies to be developed independently, yet easily combined. This creates a modular principle that enables companies to assemble specific robot solutions from different components. Quick reactions to market changes can thus be undertaken and new products introduced. Companies do not have to develop new robots from scratch every time, but can instead reuse existing assemblies. Overall, “maximum freedom through assembly interoperability” represents a turning point in modular robotics. This approach opens a world of possibilities for companies to tailor their automation solutions to their exact needs.
Modular robotics

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Quick amortisation

Quick amortisation

igus robot control hardware

igus Robot Control

igus Robot Control is a solution in the field of modular robotics that enables companies to precisely control and adapt their automated systems. Featuring innovative functions and user-friendly operation, igus Robot Control contributes to automation solution optimisation and offers a number of advantages:

  • Modularity
  • Intuitive control
  • Free-of-charge, licence-free software
From a complete robot control system with free software to individual motor control systems for building your own robot controller. There are no limits. Contact us.
To the robot control system

Low Cost Automation roadshow

Experience igus assemblies and robots live at your location. The Low Cost Automation team is touring Europe with the roadshow!

Experts demonstrate the robots live and program your individual application. Get advice at your own location and take the opportunity to ask specific questions. See the high quality of our automation solutions for yourself.
More about the roadshow

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