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Design lubrication-free applications in seconds

Discover the optimisation potential of thousands of applications in just a few seconds thanks to artificial intelligence

Experience a revolutionary way of searching for products with igusGO, our cloud platform with artificial intelligence. Simply photograph the existing application and its surroundings, and the igusGO intelligence will show you which igus products will help you design your lubrication-free application. The app also shows where there is more potential to improve your machine's technology and even reduce costs at the same time. You will find out more about applications that have already been optimised on comparable machines and components and be taken directly to the shop, where you can view further information and submit orders or queries directly.
Discover optimisation potential with igusGO

Links to the app stores and the web version

igusGO on Google Play
igusGO in the App Store
igusGO web version

Find out more about our new app igusGO now

How to use igusGO very easily

1. Open the igusGO app or web version
igusGO app

2. Take a photo of the real application
Take a photograph of the application with igusGO

3. Choose from recognised suggestions
Select igusGO suggestion of the application

4. Browse through motion plastics applications
motion plastics applications in igusGO

5. See detailed solution
Details of the applications in igusGO

6. Buy parts directly in the shop
igusGO with direct link to the shop

You can optimise these use cases - and many more

Designer of an agricultural machinery manufacturer with igusGO

"As a designer for an agricultural machinery manufacturer, I used the artificial intelligence in the igusGO cloud platform to make my machine maintenance-free. I wanted to improve the kinematics on a mowing tractor's axle adjustment mechanism. I photographed the product with my smartphone and uploaded the picture to igusGO. The AI suggested a lubrication-free bearing point to improve my machine and bring my cost down. The app gave me access to applications that had already been implemented, and I could use it to learn and apply best practices. igusGO enabled me to quickly and easily optimise my product and reduce costs without time-consuming research and consulting."

The igusGO AI currently identifies over 610 use cases for which you can display the optimisation potential: For example, 3D printing, automotive, boat, office, bicycle, aeroplane, instruments, kitchen appliances, agriculture, furniture and robots. That's not all: if you have a new application, simply take advantage of our free consultation. Send us the picture of your use case and we will contact you within 24 hours and present you with the optimisation options.

igusGO application examples

Discover optimisation potential in production with igusGO
igusGO also recognises a saxophone and displays lubrication-free solutions

New features from igusGO

We are constantly developing our igusGO app further: from minor optimisations in the background to additional information and extended options through to completely new functions that make it easier for you to use or open up new possibilities. These two features are brand new in igusGO:
The new AI chat with quick help
The new AI chat offers you quick help
The new benefit calculator from igusGO
The new benefit calculator in the main menu
igusGO feature benefit calculator
The benefit calculator shows you the cost advantage through savings on maintenance costs and lubricants

Further features

Select language in igusGO
App available in German and English
Image search in igusGO with use cases and products
Image search results with use cases and products

Your benefits from igusGO

With igusGO, you can easily discover optimisation potential for your machines and applications in a matter of seconds. More than 610 use cases are available, with new ones constantly being added. This allows you to optimise your technology, save costs and reduce your environmental footprint:

Tech up

Tech up

  • Reduce maintenance for machines and systems
  • Discover potential for improvement in seconds
  • Use AI in product development and optimisation
Cost down

Cost down

  • Save time by eliminating consulting and the search for the right solution for the movement
  • Discover potential cost savings in seconds
  • Access the shop directly to obtain more information, or order directly


  • Helps make machines and systems lubrication-free
  • Lubrication-free solutions to replace lubricated drive units

Links to the app stores and the web version

igusGO on Google Play
igusGO in the App Store
igusGO web version

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