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igus® energy supply solutions for crane manufacturers and users

The main advantages of using igus® products:

Space-saving design

Higher clearance tolerances

No additional drives required

No additional drives or steel structures required

No control system required

energy chain system movement synchronised with trolley

Quick and easy assembly (guidefast guide trough)

Quick and easy installation and/or replacement of cables

High-speed data transmission using fibre optic cables (FOC)

All media types guided together in one system: energy, data and fluids

Easy maintenance reduces your downtime

No wearing parts

Spare parts guaranteed for ten years and more

TÜV tested

Safely guide control devices

Economical energy supply for crane girders and indoor cranes

control devices  

Directly mounted on crane girder. Compact design. Usable for all kinds of control devices for a wide range of functions. Free choice of cables, number of cores and cross section. chainflex® cables with smallest bend radii of down to 5 x d available. With a 36-month warranty*. Easy to move due to maintenance-free xiros® polymer ball bearings in the guide carriage.


Quickly installed as modular solution: The guidefast guide trough is fixed to the side of the crane girder. This avoids having to weld brackets onto crane girders during assembly. Assembly times are kept to a minimum as the guide trough only has to be hooked into the holder and then secured with the trough brackets. The small number of components and the fixed trough width also contribute easy assembly.

micro flizz®

System for the safe guidance of energy, data and air

With the micro flizz® system from igus®, you can implement long travels, with the smallest e-chains® without downtime. This compact, low-noise and cost-effective system enables the secure guidance of energy, data and air.
The benefits at a glance:

Maintenance-free alternative to busbar system

Lateral "wings" support in an extended position and pivot in the radius

Fast and easy installation with pre-harnessed chainflex® cables

Plastic spring dampens the rolling noise of the e-chain® in the flizz® channel: reduces noise emission

micro flizz® on indoor crane

Basic flizz®

The complete solution for long travels

With the basic flizz® system from igus® you are protected against adverse environmental conditions. The cost-effective, fully enclosed complete solution is designed for travel distances of up to 100 m.
The benefits at a glance:

Glide bar integrated in the profile enables safe guidance: no damage to the cables

Quick and easy assembly, as the system can be opened along the outer radius

Easy retrofitting of cables or hoses possible at any time

Standardised, modular design

basic flizz® on indoor crane
Crane girder

igus® energy chain systems preassembled on the crane girder


Whether single girder or double girder cranes, roller or box girder section cranes, as well as overhead travelling, ceiling or boom cranes, igus® offers the ideal energy supply solution for all requirements, complete with flexible chainflex® cables, as an alternative to busbar systems, festoon systems or motor drums. The space-saving igus® e-chain system® made of high-performance plastics for trolley drive can be mounted either directly on the crane girder or on top of it easily and safely.
By using an igus® energy chain system, the cable loop station can be dispensed with. The entire girder length can be used for the trolley travel. The end of the girder is also the end of the energy chain system. All areas of the hall are accessible to the crane. No cables can get tangled. In the energy chain, all cables are safely guided with a defined minimum bend radius.

guidefast e-chain system®

guidefast e-chain system® mounted on the side of the crane girder

e-chain system®

e-chain system® mounted on the crane girder

e-chain system®

End of the e-chain system® at the end of the crane girder


igus® offers a suitable energy supply solution also for crane tracks. igus® e-chains® provide great benefits for long travels. Rolling instead of gliding, glide rol e-chains® substantially reduced the drive power needed to move the energy chain. Travels of up to 800 m are possible. We will be happy to design your application free of charge and to work out the most cost-effective igus® solution taking account of your technical and operational safety requirements.

e-chain system® for crane track

e-chain system® for a crane track, wall-mounted

Gliding e-chain system®

Gliding e-chain system® in harsh environments

Aluminium trough for crane track

Long travel with aluminium trough for crane track



Product modules for indoor cranes

e-chains®, cables and accessories

E4.1 overview

ONE e-chain® series for almost any application

E4.1 overview    

E2/000 overview

Two-piece - The E2 standard

E2/000 overview    

E4/4 overview

High stability "mounted on the side" - very long travels

E4/4 overview    

Overview rol e-chain®

Rolling instead of gliding: e-chain® for very long travels

Overview rol e-chain®    

Guide troughs

Guide troughs are used in long travels according to chain type from 5–12 m. They support the smooth low-friction operation of the igus® e-chain® and E-Tubes.

Guide troughs    

Strain reliefs

Strain relief systems - product overview

Strain reliefs    

guidefast guide trough

Side-mounted guidefast guide trough

guidefast guide trough    

PPDS basic - Just switch off

Push/Pull force calculation as safety standard.

PPDS basic - Just switch off    

FTA Floating moving end

FTA Floating moving end compensate parallel errors

FTA Floating moving end    

Innovative products

liftband for vertical applications

Alternative to Zig-Zag solution

liftband for vertical applications    

Guidelok vertical, space saving

guidelok slimline "P": Secure vertical guiding of e-chains® for fast storage and retrieval systems.

Guidelok vertical, space saving    

Overview Micro flizz®

Safe guidance of energy, data and air

Overview Micro flizz®    

Rotation modules - High stacking

Realize circular motions up to 900° and more, even for high loads, using igus® rotation modules.

Rotation modules - High stacking    

e-spool - Multi-Energy-Spool

The alternative to the cable drum - cable friendly and a secure guide for various media.

e-spool - Multi-Energy-Spool    

...Basic flizz®...

Protection against weather and dirt exposure – Cost-effective and fully enclosed complete solution, e.g. waste water treatment plants.

...Basic flizz®...    

igus® services

igus® online tools

e-chains® expert with cable finder  
QuickChain.100 -
e-chain® expert

e-chain® express selection  
QuickChain.13 -
e-chain® selection for unsupported applications of up to 13 m

Automatic filling QuickChain filling  
QuickFill -
interior separation
configurator for energy chains

Service life prediction for e-chains® - QuickLife  
QuickLife -
service life
calculation for e-chains®

e-chain cad  

Indoor crane application examples

Hall cranes

igus® applications and references with indoor cranes.

Hall cranes    


Examples for the use of igus® e-chain systems® in cranes - worldwide



Examples for the use of igus® e-chain systems® in cranes - worldwide


Indoor crane application examples (PDF)


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